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Tradicional cousine with local products


A cuisine based on product,
quality, and honesty

Joaquin Lopez runs the kitchen of the restaurant Venta Pinto for three decades. The team consists of four chefs and two kitchen assistants. Cristóbal López, is primarily responsible for grilled and part of the traditional pastries. Sebastian Ramirez, specializing in rice stews, paellas and wines. Alicia Melero Pinto takes over the current pastries, preparing homemade cakes and desserts very newfangled.

Venta Pinto is a restaurant with 4 centuries of history, where you can enjoy a traditional cuisine with modern touches on a great beauty location where you can find woods, mountains and sea.


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A privilege location surrounding
by the amazing gastronomy from Cádiz

The restaurant specializes in both meat and fish, where we highlight the following dishes; T-bone steak, steak, almadraba red tuna, fresh fish from the bay of Cadiz (sea bream, snapper, bream pint, bream, mullet, etc.)

Our location, between the ocean and the mountains, and the character of crossing site that we have been building since our foundation as a public house, that has helped us in developing a multidisciplinary kitchen, which maximize performance all raw materials around us.